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Yoga therapy is a personalized, prescriptive one-on-one practice that works in all layers of a person - the physical body, the energy, the mind-state, the beliefs and insights and the joy by acknowledging the interconnection not only within ourselves but also within our environment, our personal relations, activities and thoughts and beliefs.





Joan St Clair's "Integrated Yoga Therapy"

Joan has been teaching  yoga for over 11 years.  Her own path in yoga started when she tried to find relief from chronic back pain and found relief not only from her back pain but also from the  anxiety she'd experienced since childhood.  As a means to learn how to deep her knowledge of the interwarkings of our mind/body connection and to be a more effective teacher in group settings, she embarked on a journey in yoga therapy with Inner Peace Yoga, an accredited program with the International Association of Yoga Therapists.  The program includes 800 hours of group class time, practicums, and guided work with clients in a therapeutic setting.  As part of this training Joan has learned to assist clients with chronic pain, functional movement, cancer, grief, anxiety and depression and addiction recovery.


Joan loves to connect her clients to whatever brings them joy and gets them excited about not just living, but being fully alive and present.  She enjoys playing tennis and has brought many of her friends from the courts, relief from the aches and pains that sports might offer.  Having worked for many years in a cubical and in the field as a geologist and at home as a mother of three, she knows the aches and pains and mental stress that everyday life can offer as well.  She loves sharing minor tweeks for better and more functional movement patterns to help relieve current aches and pains and prevent future ones.



What to expect:

When a yoga therapy session is scheduled Joan will send a questionairre to get an understanding of your current physical and mental state, any past physical or mental trauma or injuries, typical demands on your body throughout the day, sleep patterns, eating habits and most importantly your goals.  In the first session, typically 90 minutes, a physical assessment will be performed to note any mobility restrictions, postural imbalances, movement patterns and breathing patterns.  The intake questionairre will be discusses and goals will be charted.


Based on her findings and your goals and time to commit to the goals, Joan will provide you with "homework".  Homework might include yoga poses, breathing exercises, lifestyle changes like arranging your desk differently or establishing set meal times, meditation practices or relaxtion/self-care techniques to name a few.  Joan will check in periodically to insure the homework is understandable and effective.  If changes need to be implemented additional sessions can be scheduled.


Session Pricing (varies):


Typically $75 for first session

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