One on One Training

If you or your team prefer more specific and individualized instruction than is offered in our group classes, Studio 8 offers private training and instruction from each of our instructors.  With the one-on-one (or private group class) approach, instructors can tailor your session to address specific body issues and help you define and reach your goals with proper alignment and focus.



Tailor the class to YOUR needs:

For Athletic Crosstraining: Looking to gain flexibility and muscle balance?  Many of our classes focus on restoring flexibility and range of motion lost by injury or repetitive motion (such as running, cycling, swimming or walking) and creating muscle balance to prevent future injuries and increase flexibility and stamina.  Using a variety of breathing techniques, yoga can increase lung capacity and stamina and improve blood flow to muscles and tissues. With the variety of dynamic and isometric movements and postures, yoga can create muscle confusion, increasing strength and stamina.


For Stress Reduction: Learn various breathing and meditation techniques, releasing stress from the body through stretching and lettting go.


For Beginners: Choose your anatomical and energetic focus and we can show you how to get started with basic breathing techniques and poses.

For Deepening your Practice: Have a challenging asana you've been working with?  Would like to know how to get there through preporatory poses and biomechanics?  We can help.



Want to learn more about the philosophy of yoga or have questions about using yoga to deepen your spirituality?  We can help.

We work with athletes and individuals on a group and personal level to achieve specific goals and create balance in body, breath and mind.


Call 304-634-0949 to book an appointment for yourself or your team, with one of our many qualified instructors or therapists.


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